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Transformers Video Games

Free games are something that everyone loves. You can find various sorts of games available on the internet, that you can come by to prefer or not. But any video game or online game attains maximum popularity when they are based on nerd franchises or stories. When that happens, the game becomes an accumulation of two specific favorite things of the people: gaming and franchises. Star Wars video games, star trek video games, and others are so popular because of the said reason. Transformers video games are another extremely popular mass video game that is beloved and played by millions.

Transformers the video game is based on the hit Transformers franchise. It is undoubtedly one of the coolest and the most popular franchises of all.

Transformers is based on that series and here is everything you need to know about it.

A Brief History Of The Transformers Game

Though it is an extremely popular series, Transformers didn’t come out one after like you would imagine. During the time of the Generation 1 game, only four games were released over all. These games were suited for the 16-bit computers and systems, but after the release of the first four games, no other game was released for well over a decade.

In the year 2006, when the first live-action movie was about to be released, the Transformers decided to bring in new video games for the whole world. The game was available on the major gaming consoles, and with the movie release that happened in the following year, things became a lot bigger than what was before. With the subsequent success of the film, and people getting drawn more and more to it, the company began getting new software and started releasing new Transformers the video game every year.

Today, you can play these free games on your android mobile phones with the help of certain apps. All of this has become a part of the history of the Transformers the video game, and will forever remain an integral part of it.

What Are The Top 8 Transformers Games?

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    G1 Awakening

    G1 Awakening which is a strategic transformer the video game, made mostly for mobile phones and other similar systems.

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    Transformers Spike

    The Game is based on the extremely popular cartoon that is based on the Transformers series. You can play these missions as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee amongst other characters.

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    Revenge of the Fallen

    Which is based on the blockbuster movie, is another great transformer game.

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    Transformers: Devastation

    Devastation is another popular game bringing in the best parts of Generation 1 and being more of fan service. Still, it is actually a fantastic game.

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    This is the Playstation 2 version, still remains as one of the best, or for many, the best transformers game that you would ever play

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    Fall of Cybertron

    This is the sequel to the war of Cybertron, is another great transformers the video game that you can play.

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    War for Cybertron

    This is another classic free transformers the video game, that came after the horrible movie, and therefore, many people had chosen to skip it. Nevertheless, this is actually an outstanding game, set about a thousand years before generation 1.

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    Transformers Animated

    Transformers Animated is another great transformers game that you can play at home.

Free Transformer-Based Video Games

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Popularity Of Transformers And Impact On Culture

The popularity of Transformers is well known. It has impacted modern culture in many ways. Today, you can find movies, t-shirts, books, games,free casino games, free slots games and several other things that have been inspired by the transformers.

What’s Next?

After the last transformers, the company is planning on making Bumblebee 2 and hoping it would do well at the box office. You can watch all sorts of battle, racing, shooting, autoboots, robots in disguise and much more in the upcoming idea of the Transformers movie.

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